Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mod 16..Coming Soon..things to know!

Announcing Neverwinter:


So we are all getting prepared for the Mod 16 of Neverwinter...everyone is making speculations..but what do we know so far? Over the next few weeks is going to be a lot of information because with this Mod its said to be the "new age" of Neverwinter ! So let's go thru a few things that we know for sure !

  1. The preview will open the first weekend of March, so you can go over and do your class testing!
  2. Life steal and Recovery is going away...what will replace it? we don't know! New terms are popping up accuracy, awareness I have seen on new possible enchantments!
  3. All classes will lose their first names....example - a control wizard will now be just known as a wizard...gfw though will get a whole new title as barbarian.
  4.  New level 80 Cap ! To my understanding, when the new mod is released you will enter very aware! as all new gear is hidden along the way..but when you exit the mountain..your character should be level 80! Undermountain brings new equipment ranging from level 71 to 80, new seal gear, new dungeon equipment, and even new higher item level artifacts!
  5. 1 Item Level = 20 rating points
  6. Main Ratings: 
Critical Strike
Critical Avoidance
Combat Advantage Bonus
Armor Penetration
Utility Stats: - these stats don’t have ratings and instead receive boosts to their direct percentage
Action Point Gain
Recharge Speed
Stamina Gain
Critical Severity
Control Bonus
Control Resistance
Gold Gain
Xp Gain
Glory Gain
Companion Influence
Incoming Healing Bonus

Stats removed from Neverwinter:
AC (Armor Class)
AoE Resist
DoT Resist
Regen – players now have a set value of out of combat regen speed 
Critical Strike is now capped at 50%.
Deflect also now caps out at 50%
Combat Advantage Bonus gets a 10% boost by default and caps out at 100%.

7. The Feats tab on the character sheet is no more and Feat Trees no longer exist. Instead, each paragon path will have 5 pairs of feats where you get to choose one of the two feats in each pair to customize your play.

Each paragon path now has:
2 unique At-Wills
2 shared At-Wills
5 unique Encounters
5 shared Encounters
2 unique Dailies
2 shared Dailies
9. Paragon Paths


Fighter (Guardian)

Barbarian (Great Weapon)

Ranger, Rogue, Wizard all have two DPS paragon paths.

10.   Power points will be removed with this update.Power points will be removed with this update. Without power points, players will have full access to their powers and feats the moment they unlock them by level and will have them available at their full potency instead of having to upgrade them before they are worth slotting.

11. significant changes to tanking and healing..Life steal will be removed and new mechanics completely!

12. New boons page !!
Boons have 5 tiers. Each tier requires a minimum amount of points be invested before they can be used. With each new tier more options become available allowing you to invest points into the boons that you feel most benefit your play style or build. Current boon points they will be converted to the new universal boon point. So when this goes live you will have a pile of tasty boon points to spend along with a bunch of other great things coming with M16.

13. Classes queue as one of 2 possible options depending on build. So , if you have chosen healer over dps, you don't have to blindly go into a Que group wondering what your teammates expect you to can previously que as dps..or your preference.

I, for one, am excited about these changes and expansion...if you are leveling Neverwinter now, this will give you a whole new advantage..and hopefully this will bring alot more new players! If you have been playing Neverwinter for along time..its repeating, and you more than likely can already beat,kill everything and it gets to a point of being repeating and boring...this will give a great opportunity for Cryptic to grow and give old players a more sense of purpose and actual characters to work on and improve..I think this could be one of the best Mods!! Please feel free to comment and discuss below new things you've heard or learned below..and I will update this post if new things arise...Happy Hunting !

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Castle Ravenloft...ready...set..go!

Hey all, by now most adventurers have heard and ventured to the new land of Barovia..Dungeons & Dragons newest edition! I wanted to prepare a blog after I had been thru to the end of the new dungeon Castle Ravenloft! Some are my opinions and alot of helpful facts to help you prepare to defeat the evil Strahd von Zarovich in which the land is ruled and cursed.
You will begin by taking the quest from Lord Neverember in Protector's Enclave. Any level 70 can venture, upon completing the introduction all characters are given a set of Vistani gear..this gear is not BIS but if you have alts that need a little upgrading it's a fast way. The Barovia quest are not extensive and don't require the huge grinding as such back in SOMI. The area is dark..if your into wolves, vampires, zombies, witches and killing if you like that, your going to love Barovia! The campaign is quite short and as you progress you can upgrade your weekly haul of omens. If your in a hurry to get to CR (castle raventloft) then you will want to avoid doing boons until last and go straight up the route to the dungeon. Be weary, a new aspect in the game of Barovia is daylight and night! You can tell which atmosphere by the circle around your map in the upper right hand corner...daytime not to much worry, been when the night time comes and the moon is full be watchful as Night Terrors can strike out of no where and hes pretty strong. If you can defeat him he normal drops a epic Cowl of the Dead. Also in this new area are hunts, you will receive a quest and get your first wanted poster..there are star 1, 2, and 3 posters where you enter into the land of Barovia and hunt down your collect tarot cards and use them in hunts to up the stakes but higher stakes..mean higher rewards!
Barovia Hunt Map
Barovia Hunt Review

Tarot Card Review

Now on to Castle Ravenloft!

After you have reached the end of your campaign you will be able to make a new Strahd key and join your fellow adventures to attempt to defeat the evil Strahd von Zarovich. Not a easy task and your gonna need some tips and a pretty good team and set up to succeed! This castle has 3 bosses to defeat and mobs along the way! So what team do you need? Well your going to have to have very strong DPS (TR,CW,HR) , tank, DC(buff/debuff), SW temp for heal, GWF. Some groups have taken 2 DC's, one for heal, one for buff/debuff.  My opinion but the GWFs got needed in a whole different light this dungeon. It's not their DPS but their ability to stay alive that's more important. I've been several times and no matter how big TIL they were if they didn't have the stamina to stay alive they fell over like flies >.< Also the GF and Paladin must shield up when 10 stacks of your Thief of Vitae 
have been reached or one hit equals death!
Also note that Stacks wear off when you use your "default shift" key (dodge/run/shield).  The first boss will bring you into a great court yard where you will be faced with the dreaded 3 sisters!

These 3 sisters witches are high in health and player will have to take the tome and occupy one while the other players attack the other two. The main idea is to get and keep them separate. It takes quite a bit of DPS but the sisters have their own little cesspools will take down your health pretty when you see those on the ground, avoid them. You will want to make sure your sound is on and you will hear one of the sisters tell them to attack, this will send red chains around one of the sisters and one of your team. When you see chains, don't attack! All the DPS that is done while chains attacks the player, not the sister. After two are deceased, the last sister you attack will bring on tons of mobs. ..Once defeated your off to boss #2!

Wondering into a beautiful ballroom with couples playing...and a Arcolith! Your second boss enters here and he's a big one..hes got some strong blows and more cesspools...but he only goes for so long until he goes into a hateful swirl. During this time he's totally immune and you should hide behind the pillars. The tank will take the aggro here and have the boss knock down these pillars one at a time. You need extreme DPS with DC's buff/debuff. This boss is done with the trick of only have 4 spins to kill this monster before he spins out of control and no one walks away! On to Strahd von Zarovich!

Strahd von Zarovich is one unhappy man by the time you reach this will regain the sword here with it's special encounters, each player has to pick up the sword and release it back onto the ground by pressing the tab key after which the preferred holder is the tank..entering in its very important to stick together along side the wall and let him come to you when attacking..between there will be a curse and one player will be taken to another room to defend for themselves, while this is happening there are 4 enemies along the walls to kill, when dead your teammate will return...they must stay alive in the other room as well where there is a mob waiting for them. Strahd von Zarovich will come to you along the wall, attack..he has a fairly large health line so it takes the end this floor like object will appear and the character with the sword has to go out to the middle and use the sword to break it. The boss has long immunity phases, which makes timing buffs and DPSing really difficult.  Once defeated Castle Ravenloft features two end chests, one that can be opened with the normal chest keys and one that requires a new key from a corresponding campaign task. The dungeon introduces a new type of seal, the Seal of the Crown. It’s used to buy item level 550 armor sets. All bosses, drop ten seals each and both chests 20 each. The end chests additionally feature Seals of the Brave, pieces of Legacy Transmute Gear and Refining Points. In terms of rewards it’s worth noting that the dungeon can drop shards of a new Prominence Enchantment. These shards have been selling for a pretty good price on the AH.

Now for a bunch of my personal opinions, I totally love the new's laid out nicely and you can tell its new content not just a repeated repainted landscape..first time there i got hit by a Night Terror and freaked out. The aspect of the tarot cards adds some excitement to the game as to where if you collect them all you earn a special artifact. Also note there's the new Sun artifact set which looks nice. I am wondering why though only 5% increase in damage where there is 10% with primal so not really sure if that is BIS, guess it depends on what you need for your character.  Castle Ravenloft is amazing. The details of the new castle and the surrounding land is truly a piece of artwork. Sometimes when you go in the gate will not open and I've heard alot say it's a bug but I've also read that you are not always invited in and may be a magical spell to get you across..this I have to look into and will update if I find out ^_^ I have posted a youtube video with a very fast 30 CR run below. I hope you've enjoyed this blog and if have any comments or further helpful ideas post them below, happy hunting!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Gifts and Presents are Comin!

Hey everybody! Glad to see you on the blog..this week is going to be a very big week and a lot of super prizes! As most of you know tomorrow starts 2x influence and 2x refining points..which is great itself..and if by chance you are running your siege, don't turn it in until tomorrow so u can get double rubies xd...not only do we have this starting but Neverwinter's Summer Jubilee will begin!! This is not your normal Jubilee! because its also Cryptic's 5 year anniversary and needless to say they have really got my attention and it should yours!!

The Jubilee will have all the former stuff but this year there's going to be a new quest "It's A Celebration" you will want to do this quest everyday because the prizes are huge !! Everyday that you complete the quest you will receive a coin in which you will be allowed to trade in for some awesome prizes! Few rules of course, this event is only allowed for one character per pick wisely.

Coins goes as follows :

At the end of Protector’s Jubilee, players who have completed at least one day of “It’s a Celebration!” will be given the quest “A Heartfelt Thanks” to get ONE Thank You Crate. The quest will become available once the Jubille is over and last until June 28 at 7am PT. The Thank You Crate contains:

Completed at least 1 Day
Ultimate Enchanting Stone
Power Points x10
Retraining Tokens x5
Bank Slots x16
Epic Experience Booster

Completed at least 2 Days

All of the above plus:
Runic Bag of Holding
Companion Upgrade Tokens x70
Legendary Dragon Keys x20

Completed at least 3 Days

All of the above plus:
Apparatus Anniversary Crate – Choice of one Apparatus of Kwalish mount (All choices are epic quality and contain 2 Enlightened Insignia Slot and 1 Universal Slot)

Completed at least 4 Days
All of the above plus:
Anniversary Rare Companion Crate – Choice of Xuna or Makos companion

Completed at least 5 Days
All of the above plus:
Coalescent Ward
Title “The Jubilant”
Legendary Dragon Key x20
Companion Helper Pack

Free Rank 14 Enchantment! - Players can claim ONE free Rank 14 Enchantment (Bound to Account) from a choice of four. This enchantment cannot be converted into RP or used in a way other than slotting/unslotting. Claimed on Zen Market once per account.

New Throne! – Throne of Celebration can be purchased for renown or obtained as a reward from the skirmish. Now of course you can get all the other great prizes listed below...but WHOA 14 enchantment stone, coal ward...and from what i hear enough companions tokens to up that purple to a legendary...that in itself is enough to to this everydayyy!!
  • Jubilee Unicorn
  • Jubilee Parade Horse
  • Traveling Entertainer
  • Ceremonial Armor and Cloak
  • Waterdhavian Fashion
  • Fancy Cloaks
  • Shadow Dragon Throne
  • Thone of the Lion
  • Throne of Boo
  • Throne of the GameMaster
  • You can also receive the following from the Protector’s Bounty:
  • Volo’s Guide to Firebreathing – This item unlocks the “Firebreathing” emote
  • Jubilee Celebratory Feast – Set up a great feast in the Great Hall and celebrate with your guild!
  • Celebratory Confetti – A celebratory “popper” item that shoots confetti in all directions. There’s also a chance for an Ancient Curio to be left behind, which can be taken to the Disheveled Madman for a reward.
  • Anniversary Ham – This slow cooked piece of ham increases maximum Block and Stamina for a half hour.
  • Elminster’s Lunchbox – A reward pack that contains random food items from events, including the Anniversary Ham.
  • Elminster’s Guide to Juggling – This item unlocks the “Juggle” emote.
Also to this event..Guilds will be able to really grow their coffers
Guilds will also find traveling merchants coming to their Stronghold, who must be escorted safely through the surrounding lands. Guilds will have access to a series of temporary traders that can visit the Stronghold for 24 hours, providing valuable guild currencies for small contributions of wood, stone, metal, and food. We always are in need of these so be on the lookout!

  • To celebrate Neverwinter’s 5 Year Anniversary Cryptic teamed up with D&D Beyond to bring you a discount in their marketplace!
Use the code NEVERWINTER at
and receive 25% off any one order.
The D&D Beyond Marketplace includes manuals, supplemental materials, and pre-orders of the upcoming new adventures “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist” and “Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage”! Note: Code is global and valid until September 30, 11:59pm PT
  • The Glorious Resurgence Lockbox returns this Tuesday, June 12 until Ravenloft goes live on June 26!  The return of the Glorious Resurgence Lockbox means that the Soulmonger’s Lockbox will no longer be available starting June 12!

Wow a lot of stuff there but one last thought before I close..this coming June 21st begins 2x guild marks! We are always stacking up those marks and wondering how to spend them..well here's a suggestion to earn you some extra AD..use your guild marks and buy scrolls at the vendor in the stronghold..of course the bigger scrolls are more rare elements. Use these scrolls during 2x professions xp and resources which begins July 12..with our guild boon (make sure you have it selected!) you will get double to that! Selling these elements should bring you some good AD..a little research before you pick your scroll is best so you know what is selling the highest!

Soon Ravenloft will be coming! I will be doing a special blog on that in the future..I have to say I've been on the preview server and am very impressed and love the new content!

But until then happy hunting KOE!!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Welcome to the Knights of Empire Blog

 Welcome to the Knights of Empire you will find lots of ideas, tips, news, upcoming events, discussions, and help with your Neverwinter Adventure. I am Ideisa :) I have been in KOE going on over 2 years now and I invite you be interactive with this blog.  You can leave comments or contact me in world at Ideisa@Ideisa. Along with the latest news and unblogged right at your fingertips, there will be post in categories. If you have any suggestions for this blog or for our guild...or would even like to help by becoming a author on this website, contact me!

15% of VIP and GH Update

15% off VIP
15% off VIP starts Thursday, March 29 at 7:30 am PT (or after maintenance) on PC and 10 am PT on Console

15% off VIP ends Monday, April 2 at 7:30 am PT on PC and 10 am PT on Console

Also to add a little update on the Guild Hall..we have accomplished so much! The two runners upstairs have been completed. All that is remaining upstairs is the elegant emerald rug...we have positions for 3 elegant vermilion rugs downstairs..we already have collected the materials needed except for 1 Manticore Mane! I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas on what to do next with the Guild Hall ^^

Thursday, March 22, 2018

2x IWD/2x Shards & 20% off Strongholds

2x IWD currency starts Thursday, March 22 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance)

2x IWD currency ends Monday, March 26 at 7:30am PT

There are several ways to take advantage of the 2x IWD currency:
Daily quests in Caer-Konig, Icewind Pass, and Dwarven Valley
Weekly quests in Caer-Konig, Icewind Pass, and Dwarven Valley
Icewind Dale Campaign Tasks
           Turning in Genie’s Gifts for Icewind Dale currency in Caer-Konig

2x Shards & 20% off Strongholds starts Thursday, March 22 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance)

2x Shards & 20% off Strongholds ends Monday, March 26 at 7:30am PT

Stronghold Shards available include:

Adventurer’s Shard of Power – Obtained from Heroic Encounters and Campaign Daily quests from the Stronghold.

Conqueror’s Shard of Power – Obtained from PvP quests like Domination and Stronghold Siege from the Stronghold.

Dungeoneer’s Shard of Power – Obtained from Dungeon quests from the Stronghold.

Heroic Shard of Power – Obtained from special in-stronghold quests and Heroic Encounters.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


MAINTENANCE DAY..whats happening nows and this weekend? 
Thursday, March 15 - Monday, March 19
All companions are 20% off this weekend except the Leprechaun who is 33% off! ALL SEALS WILL BE DOUBLE DURING THIS TIME!!
Coins of Waukeen BEGINS! You must be lvl 10 or above and battle monsters within 7 levels of your toon! TIP :Best rewards come from saving your purses and exchanging them for the Waukeen's Treasure Chest, u need 32 purses for one chest..but you could win up to 256k AD!

Waukeen's Golden Cloak (Bind on Equip) and Blessed Gold Dye Pack

Gilded Waukeen Weapon Transmute